Improving Individualized Care and Enhancing Person–Centered Cementia Capable Culture

Core Dementia Care® is an evidence–informed education protocol founded in person–centered, empowerment–oriented learning methods.

The curriculum provides information about dementia diseases and expands skills to effectively respond to symptoms of the disease; that is, cognitive impairment, behavioral symptoms and care-related needs, such that care outcomes are improved.

The program will enable care partners to effectively modify strategies to discover what contributes to the person with dementia feeling at ease, engaged, and enriched in everyday life. Learned strategies improve efforts to prevent or avoid unnecessary pain and suffering for the person with dementia which often leads to behavioral expressions. 

The benefits for people with dementia in care environments that have successfully implemented the Core Dementia Care® training program show less depression, fewer negative behaviors, and increased participation in activities of daily living and social engagement. Focus Groups conducted with care partners indicate they believe they are more efficacious in their work; they experience better care outcomes, residents express more joy, and they feel less stress in their roles as care partners.

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